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Best shave ice on the island

The second we land on Maui we know that shave ice is first up on our agenda. Not just any shave ice, but the best shave ice in all of Maui. I'm talking about Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. The best tasting shave ice around. Don't waste your money anywhere else! Their shaved ice is the smoothest, softest, and yummiest! Add to that their special handmade syrups, a scoop of Roselani’s Ice Cream in the bottom, and you've just made a taste bud memory that won't soon be forgotten.

Ululani's knows how to make it easy on parents too. All their tables have holes cut out in the top that perfectly hold your treat.... no more spilled shave ice, or parents wondering if they scooped up a tipped over shave ice within the '5second rule' time allotment.

Other things that make Ululani's the best on island.... they don't skimp on syrup, if you get to the bottom of your treat, and feel you want just a few more drops of their delectable flavored syrup, you can head to the front of the line and they will 'top you off' for FREE!

My personal favorite mix, I discovered last year when I was ready to change it up a bit.... I had always wondered what the chocolate tasted like, so I took a leap of faith, at the cashiers rave review of chocolate and ordered half chocolate, half coconut topped off with toasted coconut and a snow cap (sweetened condensed milk mixture) and let me tell you, it was outta this world! If you like the creaminess of a fudgesicle, the crunch of toasted coconut and flavor busting at the seams, you have got to try it out.

Ululani's has 6 locations on Maui, our favorite one by far, and the closest one to our condo

•Hibiscus Hale• is down South Kihei Road by Sugar Beach, at 61 South Kihei Rd. Oh, and it's right next to the famous Sugar Beach Bake Shop, the best bakery on island, but that is for another post.

Oh don't forget to pick up a punch card because once you've tried it, I know you'll be going back!


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